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Announcement / Press Release

Finally, a collaboration of the most knowledgeable group of stormwater biochar experts have come together to create a company to continue to build a better solutions for you. Working together not independently, it combines the best of research, teaching, production and onsite experts to focus on the advancement of improving the utilization of biochar to treat and remove pollutants from stormwater.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you (info@stormwaterbiochar.com) and keep checking back here for new and exciting updates.

Tested and Proven!

Our biochar filter media tested and proven by customers as an affordable, natural solution to pollutant removal from stormwater.  We also have many systems to utilize our biochar filter medias from a very basic to very in-depth.  Email us to see what we can do to help solve your stormwater treatment needs. (info@StormwaterBIOCHAR.com)

Biochars are not created the same, the slightest of variables can create different overall results.  We have been testing and utilizing biochar for stormwater treatment since 2010.

Pollutants Removal Include

Zinc Copper Iron Lead
Aluminum TSS Turbidity  
"We took 4800 µg/L of Zinc to 130 µg/L.  That’s impressive Ryan. I am a believer now."
Bruce Goetz,  3/30/2011

Media and Deployment Options

Many solutions for a lot of different Pollutants, from Passive to Active Treatment Systems.  All designed to work for your specific needs for your site.

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